Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby's First Day

Today was my first day of orientation. It wasn't so bad thanks to my propensity to overreact and blow tiny things way out of proportion until they weigh so heavily in my mind like gargantuan, over-indulged baby animals at a petting zoo with no inclination of mercy from morphing into every permutation of a worst-case-scenario. I didn't meet too many people but I plan to. As I've heard from upperclassmen, almost as important as orientation itself (possibly even more so) are the nightly "orientation parties" scattered throughout Metro-Detroit allowing me to schmooze, network, and mingle with my classmates. Partying every night for a straight week. This has me more stressed than the entirety of orientation.

These suddenly inherited responsibilities are a far cry from my laughably sloth-like day-to-day existence of just a few days ago. I found myself oscillating between utter giddiness at my awesome life and then ennui and listlessness during the hottest parts of the day.... But now the distant mirage of my previous life which consisted of waking up at the socially responsible hour of 9am, eating as I pleased, watching cooking shows on TV, and cleaning, taunts me as I stand to take on even more in just one more week - once school actually starts. I am sure that in my lectures and studying, I'll be daydreaming of coffee with Debbie and Smurf, errands with my Dad, and riding in the family boat, my greatest worry only being if I put on enough sunscreen.


  1. SO excited for you cc :) LOVE YOU! :)

  2. Thank you, Care! Wish I was in CA with you instead!