Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Seven

Of course I'm already late on my second Sunday Seven post... but better late than never, right?

  1. This video (from D) and free download ( because it is seriously, seriously sexy:
  2. A day spent in Ann Arbor to finalize my summer job! I'll be back doing research with my old lab for my last summer off.
  3. An almond earl gray tea latte while studying Neuroscience: This was such a frequent combination during my late undergrad years.
  4. A lunchtime performance with two other musical friends. A posting of it on FB lead to so many nice comments and likes.
  5. My mom and I survived the week with each other! Tasty salads and vegetarian foods that we don't normally have with two hearty meat eaters around... (ok fine. Some meat was cooked for me too. Tasty noodle soup of leftovers pictured above)
  6. My dad and sister return from China today!!!
  7. Looking forward to Arts and Health Conference at school. Lots of music and fine arts to be had.
Happy week to all!

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