Monday, March 1, 2010

Hopeful March

I was in a terrible slump this past week brought on by three things:

  • Weather: daily winter weather warnings, endless snowstorms, dreary skies, hour-plus commutes
  • All Things Olympics: the bitter pain and triumphant beauty of pride and competition... well, ok. I lie. I do love this about the Olympics, so really, it's just those peskily poignant commercials: P&G (my favorite one below), Chevy, Visa... and each one of these gets me every time.
  • Personal Life Miscellany
But now it is March and these are the things enticing me out from my cave of self-pity:
  • peanut butter and mashed bananas in my oatmeal
  • possible tiramisu construction plans for a dear friend's birthday
  • plans for spring/summer 2010 travels
  • P for further alliterative phun.
Welcome to March, friends!


  1. oh that commercial and the google commercial made me so happy/teary! i think i want babies.

    also, i agree--march is slumpy and gross. i hope your travel plans include china, bear!!!!