Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vintage Sartorialists

Ok, so we already know my adoration for anything the always impeccable Mr. Schuman does and his current project (ending today!) is a contest requesting readers' vintage photographs that "convey an inspirational sense of style". Not surprisingly, it does not disappoint. He welcomes short background info if the photograph has one and he posts one or two at a time. The entries are perfection because every subject so effortlessly chic and the ones with little blurbs are laden with profound respect, adoration, love, and the intrigue of times long gone... I can't wait to see the rest and the winner!

These three are some of my favorites (so far).


  1. as soon as i read your post i went to the sartorialist and i looooove these vintage pictures. maybe our grandkids (or...yours, since i'm not going to procreate) will submit pictures of us to a 'vintage' photo contest in like 100 years! :D

  2. Conmonster, I hope that we will still be friends when our grandkids are looking over "timeless" pictures of us during our "glory days".