Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wedding State of Mind

I've had three friends get engaged within the last couple weeks. One was just yesterday! I'm back to having weddings on my mind, dabbling in reading wedding blogs and perusing wedding photos. I'm such a fan of not only the dresses, flowers, and food, but all of the people. It's actually a little intimidating how attractive they are. Of course I know my own friends will far surpass any of these photos in beauty as they get married, but in the meantime, I play this game with myself sometimes where I try to guess if the couples are models or real people. Play with me:

Continue on for the answers.

  1. Models
  2. Real People
  3. Real People
  4. Real People
Intimidating, isn't it? Congratulations brides (and grooms) to be!

(All photos from Oncewed)

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