Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Tiger Lunar New Year!

Ok this is inexcusably belated but I just wanted to share how good of a Chinese girl I was this year: 2 weekends ago, I celebrated with Alice and her friends and family with cucumber salad, seaweed salad, Taiwanese savory sticky-rice cups, Korean noodle salad, miso salmon (fish is a homophone for abundance, although it's usually served with the head and tail symbolizing abundance from the beginning to end of the year. Hm, we just had the filet...), dumplings (for wealth because of their resemblance to the old gold currency), TWO impressive hot pots, sticky-rice balls with peanut sugar, coffee brownies with cream cheese frosting, Chinese egg tarts, and green tea bubble tea.

This past week with my own family, I had Mom-made glutinous rice cake (nian gao is a literal homophone for "high year" or to grow higher each year) dipped in egg, a stir fry of 10 vegetables, oranges (homophone for gold and wealth), and first thing the morning of the new year, a chocolate covered oreo so that all things leaving my mouth this year will be sweet. However, I'm still waiting on my Hong Bao...

Happy Year of the Tiger!

PS. Also belated, hope everyone in relationships, out of relationships, or anything in between had a Happy Valentines Day. There's so much love to celebrate.

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