Monday, February 1, 2010

Emma on PBS

PBS's Masterpiece Classics (though to me, it will always be Masterpiece Theatre with the Rondeau from Handel's Watermusic playing as the opening theme) is remaking yet another Jane Austen Classic. I'd be lying if I said Emma was my favorite Austen protagonist, but I can't help but grow attached to this bold yet endearingly unconventional Austen heroine. Afterall what is it in people that I love so much if it isn't non-conformity and quirky idiosyncrasies? Plus, BBC and PBS always do such a beautiful job of staying close to the original writing, choosing to make a 4 hour miniseries rather than sacrifice even a morsel of plot.

On top of that, the visual imagery is stunning while the characters are refreshingly subdued. Oh, and because I'm such a member of the literati and not shallow at all, the boys are quite aesthetically pleasing and their British accents aren't too hard on the ears...

You can stream them online commercial free. Run, don't walk!

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  1. LOVE your part about the boys and their English accents =)