Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pre-Boston Preparations

This past week, I've been on a mission to eat healthy for my upcoming weekend in Boston (I leave tomorrow morning at 6am! Or, in about 6.5 hours); however, I think the universe wants me on the plumpier side. Let me demonstrate:

Packed: Greek-style quinoa salad.
Actually ate: Angelo's pumpkin pancakes. I forgot about lunch plans I had made with a friend.
Thoughts: Lovely lunch (obviously because of the company), but food guilt for rest of day. Also, the pancakes were overwhelmingly nutmeg-y.

Packed: same quinoa salad.
Actually ate: quinoa salad... plus a slice of a pumpkin-roll cake a co-worker brought in.
Thoughts: Lunch success, free snack fail. Cake was so good, though, that it was probably worth it.

Packed: Oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of crunchy organic peanut butter and an apple.
Actually ate: Angelo's Farmer's Omelet with half of a slice of wheat toast with my boss who made it too awkward for me to decline going to lunch with him... And a coconut-glazed bakery donut (cakey and non-yeasted) that another co-worker brought in.
Thoughts: Lunch fail and snack super-fail. Disgrace and awkwardness to be back in only 2 days to the same establishment. Prefer the omelet to the pancakes. Budding conspiracy theories about my co-workers working together to fatten up the newest hire to eat for Thanksgiving.

Packed: Same oatmeal and apple from Wednesday.
Actually ate [Round 1]: 2 full plates of Indian buffet foods and 1 dessert plate because of the surprise realization that it was yet another co-worker's birthday today so we treated her to lunch.
Actually ate [Round 2]: Went out to dinner with Tiffany at our favorite Ann Arbor sushi place where we proceeded to order 3 rolls of sushi (we're both on "diets" - usually it's 4) and a spicy fish bowl and then subsequently finish nearly all of it.
Thoughts: Delicious lunch - I need to recommend this new place to my friends who love Indian, but also, MY COWORKERS ARE TRYING TO KILL ME. Of course, dinner was food-coma-inducing perfection, as usual.

Oh well. Better luck next time. I  have no false pretenses about keeping myself in line while in Boston. I'm a firm believer in vacations being food free-for-alls. Perhaps that's why I'm even in this predicament to begin with....

(Second photo from Flickr)


  1. you did the opposite of your anorexic diet... :(

  2. iknoright?? anorexia diet is so hurrrd!